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  • A Workingman's Advice

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  • Musikk:Paul Gelsomine
  • Artist:The Smoky Mountain Moonlighters
  • Album:View From The Cheap Seats
  • Spilletid:03m 38s
  • Sjanger:Americana
  • Stemning:Energisk, Glad, Jovial, Leken
  • Tempo:Middel tempo
  • Stilart:Country
  • Vokal:Mannlig vokal
  • Instrumentering:Akustisk gitar, Banjo, Bass, fele
  • Forlag:Essential Sound Music Publishing (ASCAP)
  • Plateselskap:A.C.T. Entertainment Group
  • Partner:Vis kun titler fra A.C.T. Entertainment Group
  • Selskap:A.C.T. Entertainment Group
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    Well I got my saw and a hammer
    Put on my workin´ jeans
    Went on down the saw mill
    And I bought some planks and beams
    It might take a month of Sundays
    A good about of spit and nails
    But a little hard work ain’t something that gets me scared

    I drew it on a match book
    I think I worked the plan out fair
    And from right here where I’m standin´
    She’s lookin´ pretty plumb and square

    Well my daddy he once told me
    There ain’t no such thing as free
    You get more from somethin´ the more that you put in
    With parts and labor that's and a workin´ mans advice

    I put my nose down to the grindstone
    And rolled my sleeves up high
    Put down a good foundation
    And day after day went by
    The road sure was a rough one
    A rocky hill to climb
    But hard work is what it takes to get a job done right

    She sits up on the mountain
    That house I call my home
    Built with these two hands
    A little sweat and blood and bone

    Now I sure won’t owe the tax man
    And the bankers they all frown
    Cause I built her cash on the barrel head
    No loan no money down
    Now I’m due a long vacation
    But I won’t be go’n nowhere
    I’ll be sitin´ on my front porch a rockin´ in my chair

    The cheese you find in mouse traps
    Is the only lunch that’s free
    Well I bet y bottom dollar
    I guess my daddy would agree

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