Partners As

A.C.T. Entertainment Group

Aktiv Audio Tore Stefanussen

Anders Høgetveit Musikk

Andreas Brix (Musikk)

Animal Voice Production AS

A sound producer of norwegian pop and rock music.

Anita Westbye Standal

AskerLadden Kulturverksted

B&R Music

Bare Bra Musikk AS

Beatservice Records


Bergen Records/Aroma Musikk

Big Box Music AS

Bisi Music v/ Hilde Wahl

Blikkboks Ltd

Brynjar Bøe

Brød & Sirkus AS

Bøes Baluba

Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions As

Curling Legs AS

daWorks Records AS

daWorks Records AS was established spring of 2000 and has since been one of Norway’s most successful small indies focusing on popular music. The sister company daWorks Music Publishing was established in 2008. Behind daWorks are the three partners Jørn Dalchow, Stein Berge Svendsen and Jazz Black. The companies develops artists and songwriters in Norway for the international market. daWorks also releases a few international products in the Norwegian market each year.

Duplex Records Ans

Edda Music A/S

Enrique Drageseth

Fernet Jacobsen


Forte Concept AS

Grammofon A/S

Grappa Musikkforlag A/S

Grappa Musikkforlag, established in 1983, is one of the oldest independent record companies in Norway. Our name has come to mean a broad musical scope, high quality and first-rate Norwegian performers.

Gygre as

Gygre is a record and promotion company. The 3 first artists will be released this year. In addition, we are engaged by Vassendgutane for promotion. We also take assignments for independent artists. We want to lift artists from our region. Møre & Romsdal.

Hilde Wahl

Hot Club Records

HOT CLUB RECORDS was established in 1982 by guitar player Jon Larsen, and have so far released more than 350 records, films and books. Sublabels: THE VINTAGE GUITAR SERIES (est. 1988) is market leading world wide in Django Reinhardt inspired Hot Club music. ZONIC ENTERTAINMENT (est. 2006) is dedicated to music inspired by and/or related to Frank Zappa. THE GOLDEN BANANA (est. 2008) is HCR's book publishing department.

Incicon As

Indie Recordings As

Jan Morten Iversen / TIBProd.

Jonas Howden Sjøvaag

Karisma & Dark Essence Records As

Karmakosmetix Music

Kasper Søyland

Kirkelig Kulturverksted

Kirkelig Kulturverksted is Norway’s largest independent record label with a catalogue of more than 300 tites. For over 30 years KKV have collaborated with several Norwegian and international artists from all over the world. Well known for the extremely high quality of its releases, KKV’s CDs are sought after by audiophile collectors all over the world.

Kjekk & Grei prod (KGp)

Kong Tiki Records As

Kvarts Ans

Leventure Line Marie Brudevoll

Lydbølgen Øystein Aamodt

Lynor AS

MajorStudio AS

MajorStudio is a Norwegian record Company. Acousticly based music with Norwegian lyrics is the company's speciality. MajorStudio stay behind some of the best Norwegian releases since 1990.

Meantime Records

Karin Krog privately owns this independent record company, and she has released most of her latest CDs on this label. Some of her older recordings have been reissued as CD on this label as well.

Mountain Music As


MTG MUSIC is an Independent Record company in Oslo Norway. The company has been in operation since 1990 and has released over 100 albums. MTG is not a singled minded record company but one which reaches into the abyss of the music industry by producing CD's within all venues of entertainment - Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Folk, Classic and Soundtracks. The owner and managing director, Larry Bringsjord, has coordinated productions with Morten Harket, Thor Heyerdahl or otherwise known as The Kon-

Mudi A/S

Musikk-husets Forlag As

Musikklosen As

Musikkpartner A/S

Nebyhavna Magne Neby


Nordic Eventure As


Normann Musikk as

Norsk Musikforlag Aktieselskap

Norsk Noteservice As

Norskamerikaner AS

Nupen As

Ontrack Music Carl-henrik Wahl Adolfsen

Oslo Records AS

Ponca Jazz Records

Red Means Run (label)

Rieban BM Haglund musikkproduksjon


sabMUSIC promoting Indian classical music, traditional music and fusion music.

Sound Of You AS

Our team consists of people with great skills in music production, profiling and multimedia productions. Our producers have worked with Sting, Shirley Bassey, Boy George and a-ha, and among our clients are internationally award winning tv companies, designers and marketing agents. We co-operate with USA media rights to offer our clients both finished songs and signature music for clients all over the world.

St. Cecilia Music / Bubble AS

Sweet Morning Music AS

Talent Musikk AS

The TALENT-catalogue consists of 5.000 original, Norwegian recordings, all available online for streaming and download.

Talik Da

Tam Tam At The Farm As

Tylden & Co A/S

Norweigian record company representing more than 100 Norwegian artist in different genres.


UNDERHOLDNINGSAVDELINGEN (Entertainment Dep.) is a Norwegian independent record company. Our four labels are UpNorth Discs, PlateAvdelingen, BarneAvdelingen and JazzAvdelingen. UpNorth Discs is the label releasing products aimed for the international market.

Villy Kleppe

Welde Media

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