Why must I clear the music before I use it in my video, on the internet etc.

All music is protected. Performers, record companies, rights holders and their music publishing companies control all the rights, and how the music can be used.

How can I get permission to use protected music?

To use protected music in a production you need a license. For our repertoire you can obtain such a license through this website.

What is a license?

A permission to copy your music into another work ( film, picture, music ) and by doing so creating a new production.

Can I buy this license here?

Yes you can! When you have found the music you want to use, answer the questions we ask, and a price will be quoted. You can then use easyclears solution for payment.

What can I do with the music after clearing it?

You can legally copy your music into another work ( film, picture, music ) according to the terms of your agreement you have made with us.

Do I need to contact TONO after buying a license from you?

All public use of your production (performance, internett or sales of CD/DVD) requires an agreement with TONO/NCB.

Must I contact NCB as well?

Yes, for some areas you will need a license from NCB and pay directly to them.

What is the difference between "easyclear" and "not easyclear"?

When a title is marked "easyclear", you can buy a license through this website.

When it is not marked "easyclear", you cannot clear and license the music directly through this website, which means that our rights have restrictions. We will, however, try to help with clearing the music by contacting the rights holders for you. Please fill out the application form and specify how you want to use the music, and we will answer your request as soon as possible.

How can I offer my music via easyclear?

If you control the rights to music, you can apply to become a partner.

How do I find a song to a project when I don´t know what I am looking for?

Our search function can help you find suitable music to all projects. Have you tried to search after a style? Or a mood?

I have legally purchased this music on a CD (or download). Can't I use this as I wish?

No, you have purchased a sound-carrier that allows you to play this music whenever you like, but you have not purchased the rights. These still belong to the performers and rights holders. You must therefore ask them for permission to copy their music into a movie, video, website, or in any other way make a new production.

If you have any questions concerning clearing or licensing, please send us an emailjan@enkelklarering.no

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