By purchasing a licens from EasyClear/EnkelKlarering, you accept the conditions listed below and enter into an agreement accordingly.

Having fullfilled the required payment, your license enables you to use the music subject to the restrictions laid down in this agreement and Norwegian law. 

You can not assign your license to anyone else.  Should you do so, you will be held responsible for any claim made by the rights-holders. ( Compensation will be substantially higher than the fee for authorized use. )

If EasyClear/ fails to fulfill the obligations in this agreement the injured party must, by sending a letter by recorded delivery within 14 days, give a specified description of the breach of agreement. Any complaint must be received within 14 days. Any claim for compensation will expire after six (6) months after entering this agreement.

When purchasing products in a digital format (sound/picture, computer programs, wordfiles, pdf-files etc.) the right to claim compensation expires when the product is downloaded and made available on your server. Compensation will not be given for services involving a fixed time (ex. tickets) or vulnerable products (ex. flowers).

EasyClear/ can not be held responsible for any consequential damages.

Any compensation is limited to price of the licence.

Information from us provided on the internet, or in any other form, is not to be considered an offer, but an invitation to contact us to buy a license. We can not guarantee that the music you request will be provided at all times, but shall do our utmost to assist you. Should we fail to meet the requirements specified in our agreement, there will be no charge for our services, but you will have no right to compensation.

Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be resolved by a Norwegian court of law situated in Oslo.


EasyClear cannot be used to clear audiovisual productions involving advertisement for moneygames, or political, religious or pornografic content. The moral rights provides the creators with the right of attribution of authorship, and protection from their work being used in a derogatory way that may negatively impact on their character or reputation.

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